<![CDATA[Aristocratic Reign dot GIRL - Fashion Blog]]>Thu, 21 Jan 2016 06:49:43 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[KniT iT]]>Tue, 03 Feb 2015 22:10:37 GMThttp://aristocraticreign.weebly.com/fashion-blog/knit-itI thought winter is coming to an agonized and slow cease, but that's only my happiness. Don't get me wrong, I do wanna build a snowman, and ride my bike around the walls, but I also need to get back cutouts and caged-stringed and embroidered mesh things. Well, I'll be betraying my blog if I say that being warm and stylish is impossible, so here's how you manage:
1) Snugly Cozy Comfy Fuzzy (anything along these beautiful lines)
Got a really soft stretchy turtleneck? No?
Much chicer in their loose fit than your traditional Charlotte Russe long-sleeved tight cropped basic top, these two versatile pieces can do so much to a girl besides lock out the snow (when layered strategically). Perfect for investing in the quality-vs.-quantity thing. Feminine but coolly boy club. How to Wear a Turtleneck Without Looking Like a Librarian/First Grade Teacher/Ski Instructor. But I love the idea of latex with either one, and for the "miles long" attribute: 
Monki Kelly Socks $9.48
I have been an oversize-freak lately. Macs/duster coats, kimonos, sheer maxi blouses...They are just so modest and protective, while giving some accentuation and detail, my heaven. This thick dark-toned one on the left will cradle your back, booty, arms, and if you wrap it all around yourself cocoon-like, your precious front, too! I know that's where I shiver the most. 
Also, who needs a coat now? This cardigan is everything. Even if I were to really severely  need any more layering it would be a barely visible (or not even visible) body top under the turtleneck, below a thin-knit cardigan under the almighty ShopSosie one. 
Now all we need is to get through the shoe struggle. IF you're not an accessory OCD. 
ASOS SYDNEY Heels $60.64
No matter how far we fall into this Evil Queen mood, we'll always need some white, some freshness, some blank-canvas-innocence/bouncy sophistication in an outfit. It just adds this very high-end element, once people consider who keeps them so sparkly (keep watch for my Delicate Chaussure Care post), can't suck out edginess whatsoever, and is simply C H I C. And although the outfit isn't a monochrome to the core, the grey and nude neutrals on the sockies imply effortless attractiveness. I absolutely LOVE the way these foot pieces will look together, the gladiators having the little strip cutouts/straps in such a pristine hue, and the warming socks showing grey through the shoe, but then again other color stripes as well on the ankle! WHY AM I SO EXCITED???
River Island Para Gold Metal Trim Ankle Boots $75.80
For those of you not as enthusiastic as silly little I - I still incorporated some me (synonyms: Wilderness, Kitsch, Exotic--IDK how that translates into the boot's deign, but whatever Let It Go) with the conspicuous contrast in the heel stick, heel, and toe material. Suede, matte leather, and who knows what else. Also don't forget my favorite detail!!!! The sliver of ROSE GOLD, even in it's infant presence, changes LIFE. It transforms a random black chunky heel into The (verified) Black Chunky Heel. Maybe that's what happened to the LBD, but let's not clumsily launch a history lesson :) Anyway, along with this boot, we can oh-so-nonchalantly sport a:
NADZIA NECKLACE originally $39.00 now $27.50 SAVE 29.49%
However, I've literally always got your back, because that's not an everyday necklace!
This tribal necklace comes with the cutest stud earrings, sorry if I ruined your mailbox surprise! Now for my white-pop gladiator gal-friends:
URBAN OUTFITTERS Raw Crystal Rock Ring $16
I'd much prefer all-silver with the monochrome-burgundy-infusion look, but can gold (or rose, as UO interestingly claims) really hurt the latex? 'Cause that's actually what I'm worried sick about. I'm afraid fashion is all about risks, though. And plus that spider-like clasp to the crystal promotes that further. 

2) Crop Up-Top, Shimmy, Then Drop.
Copped-top hems call for a high waist. Not because we all mind a stocky-midget silhouette more than someone who asks about the definition of the frow, but because it's freezing out there, its colder than my heart on the days I can't wear heels because I'd drained all the capacity in that ability the day before. 
"This collarless jacket is about to give your track jacket a run for its money. Structured in way of a scuba knit fabrication and athletic inspired through a varsity-striped banded hem, this open-front topper was made for strutting down the sartorial streets."
FOREVER 21 Varsity-Striped Scuba Knit Jacket $27.90
Dare and tell me I didn't see this jacket in a "What to Wear Where" section of Vogue, because I just know I did. And with such a modern silhouette I must include this exact skirt, high-waisted as promised:
FOREVER 21 Striped Sheer Pencil Skirt $19.90
ZARA Fringed Leather Bluchers 119.00 USD
ZARA Fabric Plimsoll 79.90 USD
ALL THE RAGE: a girl daring enough to pull this off flawlessly. HOW-TO: I've said no to this before, but menspiration shoes need a go alongside this number. 
ZARA Slipper With Tassels 59.90 USD
It is ridiculous how I always end up with the line of gold on the heel. ( on the left brogue/loafer/whatever the hell) I have got issues. Bear with me. 
For comfort:
ZARA Fabric Plimsoll 79.90 USD
Whichever one of these beauties you end up with, I doubt you will ever in eternity regret your choice. I wish I had three pairs of feet to...although that would be more graphic-overload than a cultural tapestry, no offense. They just aaaalllllll extremely deserve a chance! On the same day! Why the hell not? Even though they tear up my heart - too much perfection. 
3) Keep Your Shades Peeled & Layers Classic
First of all, I'd like to give these dopes a mention:
Glasses with blue arms originally £69.00 now £32.90
Now don't be afraid to strip the glasses of their dominating qualities, they can look twice as good with some good old Aristocratic contrast, as I should now put it, after merely a few months of overdoing it with the poor term: contrast. Contrast, contrast, contrast, does it even still have meaning to you? Sorry if I did that, but what I become possessive about I become obsessive with. 
This is probably the boldest most right-out-of-FW14 look yet. What's not to completely fall in love with? What's not to cherish more than your Karl Lagerfeld autograph? Yeah okay *snort*, no, just no. I can certainly overdo things all I want, it's my own blog after all, but I've crossed the rose gold line, call the fashion police. NOTHING, as in -0, is supposed to be "cherished more than your effing K.L. autograph"! Why do I get so...ugh when I write?!?! Maybe it's how intricately on point the whole outfit turned out. Same? Gibber and Gobbledygook away in the comments ;)
H & M Ankle Boots $39.95
I know I'm being naughty, we're not meant to wear these bulks (green and black combo below) together or else they would morph into a major bulge, and as residents in a carb-fearing society, that can be the sort of statement you don't want. But I have seen models do it and succeed, I also know we're not all models or even close, don't worry, but I'm sure it's not that impossible of a getup. 
The goal is always to end up chic or chicer!
MANGO CHUNKY-KNIT SWEATER originally $49.99 now $24.99
Sure you can pair them with the flashy skirt shown on the "jumper" and some silver shimmered tights for the T Swizzle finish but, we gon' do this high street, private-school-sophomore style:
NASTY GAL Jeffrey Campbell Basie Leather Boot - Blackout $225.00
Love the chaussures?!?! Yes you do! Or else wth are you doing on A. R. dot GIRL? Of course I did fall deeper in love the metallic-heeled ones but we've had too much of that for one post already. And if you're not a stitched leather kind of outfitter, you can also use the gracious color wheel to your advantage:
MANGO CHECK MINISKIRT originally $49.99 now $24.99
Not much room for accessories is there? With either bottom, the much-too-cozily wrapped knits, these sexy thigh-highs, you might just reach out for a thin silver choker-
Neiman Marcus Eddie Borgo Silvertone Bi-Cone Hinged Choker $250.00 Free Shipping

For in case you don't go with the plaid skirt --> 
And I'm aware the outfit overall doesn't need an extra for textures, but I just adored how the marble pattern would transform the cotton blend of the sweater, and also the black skin and black jacket. The "white" acrylic though, I can't imagine what that'll flatter but your skin tone...still a plus. 

With the red skirt -->
YES has been a major trend...on everything. Last week in Staples little me was trottin' all around for what's left of the TeenVogue school supply collection because of my moving schools, but then came across some Cynthia Rowley things and purchased them all!
And some black-stoned ring, but I might plot twist this up, like I must subject all fashion items to. 
Net-A-Porter MARY KATRANTZOU R leather and acrylic clutch $3,790
Net-A-Porter KENZO Printed leather pouch $240
Half the things I now own say YES on them, half the box clutch purses anywhere say YES in cool graphics, Tumblr-esque  florals and typography. I have this theory that it all started from Zoella, in this video, where she beautifully and gosh-so-genuinely explains the importance of these three letters:  Y E S. It may have been anything else, but to think of her every time I look at my new locker inhabitants and just feel that surge of strawberry-flavored positiveness is indescribable. She also has her own bag bearing the Not No thing (I reckon I've become redundant), but this French one above is even more unique! It actually has a no on the back!  That takes 'Fashion Statement' to the next level. 
Any other glamorous ways you guys incorporate wool? Ways you love styling a fav sweater?!?!?! Please let me know! I will be doing another post with the same intentions because a lot more items than planned caught my eye as I prepared this article essay sort of thing. I want to do a length-contrast outfit, a color illusion impression, a light weight but warmer than shearling combination. A retro mod system, which will obviously include major contrast on patterns...Also let me know here/twitter what kinds of other ways you'd like to see maybe certain things worn? Buh-byeee 
<3 Aristocat 
<![CDATA[Taming The Wild For The Chicer Good // Accentuating With The Timeless, Maintaining Soft Bling-Bling Swagger]]>Fri, 30 Jan 2015 22:25:41 GMThttp://aristocraticreign.weebly.com/fashion-blog/taming-the-wild-for-the-chicer-good-accentuating-with-the-timeless-maintaining-soft-bling-bling-swagger
Photo credit: Banana Republic

Okay, I have been waiting for half a month to get this posted. Reason one: I am gladly starting to really appreciate the power and charm of accessories - jewelry to be exact, rather than going down to the detail with cropped camisoles and tweed skirts. Reason two: I have been collecting research for about my whole lifetime on this (or about as much as two weeks mean to you). ....Styling:
Fabuleux Earrings by Les Nereides $118.40 (was $148.00)
This beautifully daring set is definitely where we get to "Tame The Wild For The Chicer Good" by not allowing them to completely define your aura. They can accentuate a sheer creme blouse loosely pleated over an edgy black bralette and burgundy miniskirt - dark leather thigh-length boots. There hues and design of the earrings WILL stand out as they represent a more playful, whimsical, and young vibe, but the burgundy element will constrict the warm colors on them from uttering their complete statement, therefore simply giving edge and glam to your outfit. As for the gold, I always need a bit of gold on anything, in its often subtle but boastful glint and overwhelming density.  
Hebrides Geo Pendant Necklace $68.00
I am in complete awe about everything in this necklace, in awe of the  mild clash and camouflaging qualities of each diverse object "pendanting" it. I feel like this jewelry item is exactly complete the way it is; without one thing or another, the rest wouldn't have ever fit in, which is what I meant by camouflage. Plus, you guys know I have been going insane over geometrical and contrast details, which are incorporated flawlessly here! This is almost a challenge to tone down. But with a manly brogue (pair of), maybe a sheer black blouse (figurine-slimming) with an intricate caged cutout pattern, similar to that of the gold on which is placed the black stone, a nude blush faux leather skater skirt for neutrality, a dark-toned tank of green/burgundy/navy underneath, and a clear box clutch = F L A T T E R I N G. (If you want to carry anything other than the cute charger you just hauled and some Covergirl goods, then obviously you'll have a lil fabric pouch in there...A pleasing impression can only come from an animal print one - bold giant shapes, same color palette as your tops) What you'll keep in mind is: stay away from garish cray garments, because if that sounds like it can take some of the necklace's attention, it really will just leave you in an Iris Apfel heap. 
Sorry, Iris, I love you, but we aim to tame the wild for the chicer good, thanks for inspiring us with your soft bling bling swagger! 
But with the outfit I just verbally complied, everything's sophisticated, classy, and smart. 
On The Map Leather Watch $28
Celestial Charm Double-Layer Necklace $24
Add a bit of wanderlust into your life! This watch will not only flatter the specific shade of gold on the necklace, it holding also a conspicuous black, but also offer the crescent more meaning, implying our nighttime, our time in general, is dependent on where we stand on the colorful earth, our point of view on certain important matters, such as time, from our own unique cultures. 
So we can control the p.m. and a.m. by traveling, but to a certain extent. We lose more than we save, unless this magnificent combo of adornments can also teleport us.  Let's not get philosophical, but these accessories just inspired me and twirled me into that intertwining realm. Also, the cylinder-ish dropping charm on the necklace comes just in place to give off esoteric and bohemian essence. Besides wearing them together, a black trouser, a feminine-silhouetted, probably cropped blazer in camel/gray/white, since we - here, at least - are going thorough that spring-winter-somewhere-in-between phase. Although neutral, try some colors deeper, like tan, metal, and some really light, as sand and creme nude for tops and bottoms alike. The blue and purple in the watch already create the taste desirable in attire. 
(will be continued some point this week)
<3 Aristocat
<![CDATA[Abbreviation//The Fabulously Mannish Culottes!]]>Mon, 05 Jan 2015 21:45:27 GMThttp://aristocraticreign.weebly.com/fashion-blog/abbreviationthe-fabulously-mannish-culottesAnkle-baring culottes, jacket hems dropping just above a high curve-punctuating waist, and lengths of the sort.
It has been negotiated, then, that 'abbreviation' will govern the hip, calf, shin, forearm, wrist, and minor accenting, like cage-bar-crochet, texture-camouflaged stitching, south chic studs, or even a swatch of the emerging dalmatian chintz. I have also loved seeing the incorporatings of window-grid monochrome with a twist on the artificial graphics: 
- fur in this case
(on the culotte trend)
Born from the stylish mother, 60's, as a sort of double skirt, merely a knee-length fragment of two loops that flow around your legs, and grown in the 70's a flare denim wear-with-button-down-shirt, the culotte is now a beautiful 55-year-old that exerts the perfect amount of challenge, "menspiration", and relaxed high-end. it's wrinkles (obviously not physically speaking, just tryin' to emphasize the value) represent it's experience of being put with this, matched with that...all the ways in which it was worn through history (-French Revolution?) 
And allow me to just add that puberty did the pant some good, grasping it's so-fugly-it's-beautiful-to-the-eyes tendencies and dropping it gingerly into the craftsman hands of Derek Lam.
Next I want to talk styling culottes, not just owning them--
1) Snip Snip
To sport a crop with a crop is as confident and expedient as fighting fire with fire, but with minimal, under-stated layering, a belt of purely conspicuous material & overpowering tints, it rises into a whole new realm of careless cool, fun bachelorette, and run-way fresh. 
Derek lam pre-fall 2014
<-- Well here texture is EVERYTHING. I love the chiffony top and leather bottoms combo (that olive shade!) and I guess crepe for the baby blue bottoms? Anyway, during these jolly times, I think we'd all be wearing boots, even though I adore the chaussures selection in this photo. Ankle boots with culottes (as they are usually high-waisted) give the elongating impression to your legs + believe it or not, their modesty leaves more room for speculating on the "slim factor" . These pants make you sexier than you can ever 
know (same goes for the men who will accidentally realize it). But if you chose tall boots, I'd stick to the leather route. Velvet/suede might just blow the whole thing in our face. And please no sock peeks. They do work at times, but now, when we already have one mod thing going for us, why push the limit?
2) Play The Heights 
Something short + something shorter + the giant item = Yeah-that’s-me-sitting-at-the-frow. Not really. But I’d like to believe as much. Anyway, you can tuck in a shirt, put on a normal length jacket and rock that culotte! Or how about a sheer long shirt untucked and flowing over the culotte? Try an asymmetrically split hem with that. And all you have to do is mix up your accessories (clear box clutch, spiked cuffs, delicate necklace) but probably not with the palette.

3) Not That Kind of Girl
What I love about culottes is how every women can ascend to "flamboyant" without being a wee bit garish with the help of the pants' confidence-arousing nature. The way the fibers fall. And even though alone, the bottoms have an androgynous trace (or whole implement), adding a baggy top won't just simply make you the man:
I'm certain I have already (indirectly, maybe) pointed out how much geometry would suit any look that includes a pair of culottes, but just in case:
Dion Lee - Runway - MADE Fashion Week Fall 2014
Pin-striped trousers with a sophisticated, attractive little fold and cutout color-blocked symmetrical and sharply monochrome top? I personally feel ashamed of own my sense of style just looking at this. 
I just haven't given culottes the success of being paired with a scalloped hem (which, just btw you're better off investing in some with Topshop, because otherwise they can so easily get damaged, having that fragile cut, no matter how sturdy your leather is). 

Anyway, that was all I had to say on culottes for now but for any questions//help, tweet me!!!!
xoxo Aristocat!
Hope I inspired you!
<![CDATA[Handbag Essentials For A Gal Like I! ^_*]]>Fri, 12 Dec 2014 01:12:11 GMThttp://aristocraticreign.weebly.com/fashion-blog/handbag-essentials-for-a-gal-like-i-_I debated whether to post this through my fashion or beauty page, but here it is since I feel like I'll involve a lot more fashion talk. Let's get into that -->
This is one of these beautiful bags I just can't help but keep talking about. But there is a long story.
So I was browsing through school supplies (I know the time was that ancient) and this backpack found a large gap to fill on my wishlist - for about a month, as it felt.  
Despite my loud remarks at family dinners where I fill the silence with how I'm focusing on the "quality vs. quantity" shit and constantly describing this bag (I got to a point where I had to flash its picture across the dining room, but apparently they're all convinced I'm "praising" the designer or something). Like NO ONE understood that I needed this bag and that I'm politely begging for it instead of 13-year old me: You have to get me this. You have to. 
Anyway, when I got my hefty monthly allowance from my mom (which is supposed to be for my Hulu Plus, website domain, Evernote account, Todist...) and we were at Forever 21 I asked her what she thought of the bag, and she was like "its for these street-hip weird-is-cool kids" and I said but you love Chanelly things. In her humble opinion, this item has nothing to do with her second favorite brand except its desperate and obviously failed attempt to imitate original style. Now you know where I get my tendency to overdo words from. So I left her at Victoria's Secret and came back with two! Two Chain Strap Zip-Front Backpacks!
I bought my mom's little (16-year old) sister one because I loved its quality and every detail. 
However, this situation was the first where I truly believed that my mother and her sister could actually possibly be linked through bloodline. They can disagree on socks. I was so frustrated when my aunt called me to let me know that it was too small for anything of hers (which is not rude as you might think, we are besties). Aaannnnddd I overdid it again, as no post is really mine without some overdo.
But if she'd download all her textbooks and important stuff on her iPad like me she wouldn't feel like this backpack is tiny. Speaking of which:
I love the constant battle between these two covers. I 
purchased them both in our family trip to Kuwait and am so glad I did. The texture of both is just what one would find at Kate Spade. Now our next purse essential (yeah I bet you kind of forgot that's what I'm talking about today):
Urban Outfitters Camera Lens Contact Case $8
Forever 21 Hello Kitty Contact Lens Case $4.90
Forever 21 Contact Key Case $4.90
Thank me later! Now you don't have to worry about mixing which eye's which and plus these are super cute! Sorry if you don't wear contact lenses. I don't. I hated scratching my eye every single morning so I quit after a month of free Halloween costume eyes (a zombie makeover to be exact). So these are the glasses I've been wearing for a year and a half (only after a year with them did I notice one of the sticks says "cute as a button" on it. Sorry for subjecting you to my inaccurate description of "sticks").
They are not like directly form the Bebe store itself, but are certified/not fake....I think they were like a couple hundred dollars, not too expensive for prescribed glasses. And I am guilty of only wearing them once  a month because I feel like I'm carrying something on my face as a burden. IDK...

Another purse essential!!!
I can't find the exact kind of Cetaphil I carry around when I'm out (a really small, almost lip gloss sized that came in a Cetaphil-everything starter kit.) You guys know I love the company and have a few giant bottles of Cetaphil moisturizer and cleanser at home. 
Anywayz, what do you keep your lotions/creams in on the go? Victoria's Secret actually gifted me tiny leopard print pouch because of a miscellaneous purchase but it doesn't fit all my necessities so I bought this!
Floral and Polka Dot Bag $5.90
In places like Forever 21 and Victoria's Secret, you can definitely count on finding the most adorable makeup bags but I've learned form years of leakage (I wore a teense of blush everyday - okay, I admit it, I looked like a clown, in the 6th grade) and stains and nastiness that we all need a black little purse for this kind of stuff. Even though nothing I carry now can cause damage, but still. So now all I carry in this pouch is lip balms:
any pointy-tooled liquid liner I can take form home:
SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Waterproof Eyeliner 24 HR Wear
a good sunblock:
a long-lasting mascara:
and a mini secure bottle of my favorite perfume right now, Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy So Intense, which I bought from a stand in the mall (as it was: a mere sample) and loved it so much I went and purchased the big fancy bottle and kept refilling the tiny one from it. Other than these things you guys know I don't like to sport that much makeup, it's way more comfortable like this. 

I went through a middle school phase where I HAD to carry a pink purse with my backpack to school (I was way too young!) and I also made sure to always have a leopard print wallet in there. I was bullied more than you can imagine for this, which encouraged me to go the extreme level and get a sparkly bow-shaped purse from Claire's in 6th grade + a very fluffy rainbow colored wallet from Justice. Boys asked me if I'd skinned my cat, and then I'd start this heart-to-heart tragic blabber series where I wailed about me not being allowed to have any animal pet except fish since my nasty brother was born and his asthma was no joke. Well now look how chic and brother-loving I am. What phase did you survive?
My lovely grandam bought me this wallet 'cause that lady knows everything I love, and I take SERIOUS care of this. It's way too beautiful.
Kate Spade New York CEDAR STREET CLOUDS LACEY $198.00
This might be a lot of stuff to carry in your bag (thank God I don't need to carry a deodorant too - Secret 48-hour protection) but I end up using everything which is hard to believe. I know but just go with it. The next "necessity" - or nah - I take with me when I go to the mall or anywhere else fashion-industry-interactive:
YES! I design jewelry!! And make them. BTW don't worry they are not all Dolores Umbridge Chic, I just can't find the blue, creme, and amethyst collections (probably at my grandma's house) so here's all I've got for now. Hope they look as impressive as I feel. ;o)
Also, right now I send them through the post office to where y'all live, which you don't have to pay for if you frequent this blog. 
NEED I SAY MORE?!?! In fact, I currently have 3 in my bag. Watch them empty by the next hour.
The number of times teachers caught me with my mouth stuffed with this is embarrassing.
You guys know I am obsessed with rose gold but when I bought these I decided need a bit more hologram in my life - I did. I love this set so much and am considering it my Christmas present to me. 
I wore the headphones to a library the other day and a little boy kept looking at them, I couldn't help but LOL. How could someone like little him find something to stare at on these headphones? 
Let's not make this post even longer by discussing my fabulous new B&BW sanitizer.
xoxo Aristocat
<![CDATA[le sac à main, A Clutch of This Season]]>Mon, 08 Dec 2014 14:36:49 GMThttp://aristocraticreign.weebly.com/fashion-blog/le-sac-a-main-a-clutch-of-this-season
Copper Diamond Clutch, Anndra Neen $725
The 'copper' on this clutch looked a lot more like a pigmented rose gold in my December issue of Vogue. However, its more subtle state on Anndra Neen's website (which, visiting alone was quite a thrill) enhances a balanced contrast between the textured silver and smooth sort of rust-edged stones.
 I though these two hard choices of texture could only go well with a fabric texture that's mesh, lace, chiffon, or shear silk in dark tones such as navy or burgundy over a creme opaque knit or ivory crepe top, steadying out the dichotomy of naughty nice, sweet evil, sexy innocent...Such elements will truly ignite with this clutch. I could portray a "Victoria Beckham Red Carpet" in an all monochrome column gown and this clutch, or as Vogue suggests in their 2014 cover girls-inspired gift guide, "Lupita Nyong'o Worldly Wise". I suppose she'd style the Anndra Neen with one of her intricately tribal-printed and expertly-hued dresses, metallic beautifully woven sandals, and her big, mysteriously appealing eyes.
But we're not all a Miss Nyong'o, are we? 
The fact that the visual effects on this purse instantly amount to sort of resemble a snake print can't hurt our not being Lupita Nyong'o. We can twist this to our advantage. Reptile textures and and shades go elegant with a smooth white-colored rosey-tinted material for the larger garment worn (this season). A dramatic pleat or two, to  really contrast artificial and natural elements, giving off intelligence and ease in your physique. Menswear shoes will never disappoint me, hence I can't disappoint their presence with a look like this. A good gloss-finished mahogany bronze pair with curve-sided point-toe, and we're a million $$. Chunky velvet heels in perhaps a blushed nude if you're not a Emma-Stone-rockin-my-boyfriends-pjs-gal-party type of girl. This clutch, in its oblique complexity, is too versatile for you to go wrong.

xoxo Aristocat
<![CDATA["Nasty" Chic + Some Personal Blabber]]>Fri, 21 Nov 2014 01:17:18 GMThttp://aristocraticreign.weebly.com/fashion-blog/nasty-chic-some-personal-blabberSo I was going through my first ever blog posts (which, by comparison to other glamorous blogs' old blog posts) are even more impressive than my latest ones. I just had a few things I would now change (definitely not my very unique word use, which lives until today - it's been a month since I started this whole blogging mess - but the way I didn't make my links clickable, they were just written normally. Like you'd have to copy paste and ain't nobody got time. Also, I put the link not onto the image of the product, but in the paragraph. Whatever. I will not change anything so you guys can compare my abilities now and later.)
Anyway, I did get a good laugh from these posts...Also, great inspiration. Why do I feel like my voice in blogging got worse? I like how I sounded a month ago. 
Oh well.
What I wanted to do today was that ramble where I gave a fashion item it's profile in the industry, in my closet, in our daily-wear, cause I thought - and still think - I'm some sort of credited fashion critic, which is way better than believing haters!

Now onto my criticism (we can't say "constructive" because I could never ever say something negative - if I literally have a word stuck in my mouth that will bring a person/company/product down, I will not review it, I'm just that weird one who doesn't possess the common gifts the Witch of the West does).

Well, look at this coat!
Color Coating Faux Fur Jacket $98.00 from Nasty Gal
What the Nasty Crew (don't worry, it's just a lil thing I've titled Sophia Amoruso's people) says about this item is: "Monochromatic? No thanks. The Color Coating Jacket has a black, white, camel, and white faux fur exterior." I think they meant black, white, camel, and grey faux fur exterior, but we've all got the same hours a day as Beyoncé, right?
Oh! And remember the time Allison McNamara from POPSUGAR said neutral tones for faux fur coats are preferable?? Probably not if you aren't the person that I am (that really sounds weirder than it did before I typed it.) So witness it yourself here: 
"Don't be a newb, and watched in HD" - freshly quoted from my long-term and unwavering memory of Evelina Barry, and, no, I don't know where to get you that video, but I promise it's out there somewhere as a tiny fish in this eternal web of Internet....I am asking myself the same question as you ;) "How can someone who knows so much about being a fashion sophisticate be so nerdy???" It happens.
And for this coat, I don't know if it's the chevron - what an old word - - for how long am I gonna continue to interrupt my own talking - or the appeal of the color blocking...it's just so beautiful.
Wearing a black leather miniskirt along with this is too similar to wearing a poster on your forehead that says 'I am Behati Prinsloo'. These heels down below:
Shoe Cult Hyped Up Vegan Suede Platform $98.00, and should it seriously surprise you anymore that this is form Nasty GAL?
This shoe is supposed to end you up in this "neo mod look" as the Nasty Crew, again, said. But I want to put them into some Miami Night Glam action, by adding just one rose gold element. One because less is more. I'm thinking a little over-the-knuckle ring with a flat triangular silver-glitterized stone on it. Let me just search for something like that. If I don't find it, you guys need to brace yourselves for my upcoming jewelry career, as if it were that easy...

Okay, so I went and did myself some Hunting, I have no time to wait for the actual app to do my work, because I want this uploaded by tomorrow, and this is what I ended up with:
Forever 21, Barneys New York, Etsy, Ross-Simons - but nothing exactly like what I was looking for. Guess I will end up being a jewelry designer after all. And from there I'll launch my shoe line. 
Shall we proceed through discussing the Nasty Chic coat?
but I might be losing my flair. What else is there to add? Skinny Jeans? They've got to be dark. It'll go lavish with a casual T-shirt of any shade included in the print of the coat. Also, a tiny little rose gold necklace. A baby pendant of amethyst stone or even pearl. Ok. I'm done, or too tired to think up more outfits. 
Byeeeee <3 and follow me on Pinterest and Twitter!
<![CDATA[Texture // Hue]]>Tue, 18 Nov 2014 00:12:48 GMThttp://aristocraticreign.weebly.com/fashion-blog/texture-hueYou can either throw your drama on your swatch choices, which you will block in size variations (as in minuscule-optical-illusion and a loud, clear print) or muted pale vs neon splash, or you throw it onto the texture. There is always a place to throw your pizazzAnimal textures with more artificial tones, artificial materials with a modern take on more neutral prints, we can go on and on. However, its not your pieces that should be the statement, it's the difference and clash with the rest of your outfit that'll ease your strut. It's how you pair it.
Going with the sheer trend, we can allow the trimming to this jacket, for example, to accentuate a shy shade (with this water-surface-sheen the plasticish polyurethane provides, we can definitely pull off the dull extravagantly!) : 
Net-A-Porter, FINDS + Wanda Nylon PU trench $1,055 EXCLUSIVE
Or a perhaps more faded leopard, which will not only fit in underneath the diaphanous jacket, but will stand out as polished kitsch. Though, I think that if we keep a certain side of the color wheel slanting towards the warmer whites and femininer reds (Well, first of all, let me allow you a moment to admire my unique sense for weird words, and then: alright, I mean pinks, but I can't just lamely type that, so "the warmer whites and femininer reds", we shall say). That way, we'll keep it simply dangerous, not The Devil Wears Prada. (This story has nothing whatsoever to do with what I'm attempting to imply, but if you're clueless, that helps, and if unfortunately, you're are a cray girl, like moi over here, who simply must watch all things related to fashion, then go ahead, I have no limit over how far into ridicule your judgment must venture into today.)
Coming back into easy-talk, the color-blocking (we're still speaking about This One Outfit that you and I are mentally sharing currently, right?) can begin on the lower body, or a gray beanie, if you must feel like a Nasty Gal model. Clean white shoes. If you want to be a soft but daring romantic. BUT, the player mistress is in Bright Red Heels tonight. And shiny navy nails, so that the maintenance of "lady" will not hijack. 

There. I conclude this with: what you made of these garments is an overall artificial-texture-neutral-print-underneath look, as I see it, with whatever twist you went with. Very worthy of This Season. 
Another example: 
However edgy leather can get, it will always be cow, pig, goat, alligator, ostrich, kangaroo, whatever else. And no matter how faux you can possibly get with your jacket, it'll still have that made-of-something-that-once-lived air, because it's leather. So we can contrast this up. 
Tutu skirts! Too girly sometimes, but if we were to keep the skirt itself in this aqua-grey-green sort of shade, with the same exact description of the shirt tucked into it, you can be chicly strolling the streets, attracting envy. However, and unfortunately, we are blocking in this post. Therefore, girling it up and edging it down, though a bit of a risk, can put u son the right track. So we already discussed the go-to with tut skirts: Leather Jackets. That alone won't add the too-fierce element just yet. 

1) Handbags.
Either go along an edgier route, all the while keeping it cool, with a box clutch, opaquely rich in a warm nudey shade or sheerly holographic with that soft green pink and silver sheen, it really won't matter. And if it was an absolutely clear one, with a printed fabric clutch inside of it, even better! This way, you'll really play with people's emotions at work, or shopping, wherever you can rock something so intensely clever and glam. Anywayzyz, you can do a bold choice for the inner clutch, since the case would technically be clear. We're still playing it cool. A tame blue reptile, like that 
Michael Kors bag we all know, and if you can actually paint the chain white, if your clutch has one....

2) The Chaussures.
Velvet heels, anyone? Grey velvet stilettos it is. Or upper town chic red velvet ones. Why am I liking a velvet heel for tutus? 
Just give it a try, and when you get no compliments, don't tweet me something not worth both of our time, just go with a nice chunky heel, which I can tell you is edgy and not edgy in its own magical ways. 

3) Snood?
Yes. I love a non-necklace statement that goes on your neck for this look. A fluffy but dim-colored one would be irresistible, and you can match it to the color of your tutu skirt! It would be an amazing example of how elegantly fun Texture Block can be!!! Check out some snoods that I declared "Fall Wearable" here --> 
Lace-up Your Warmth

Here are some gals sporting The Skirt.
Well, now you've seen some bloggers, Sarah Jessica Parker, my adored Miranda Kerr, and Jessica Alba lift this tutu skirt up above it's league, but not always necessarily in the contrast business we're talking about, even though I LOVE what they all did.
But, if you want to try some more dare with leg-wear, how about a sexy velvet thigh-high boot with a hushed-down miniskirt in any of the pastel tones? Be as chicly diverse as possible, but always keep the elements that tie your races (of colors and texture) together.
Thanks for reading! Bye fashion baes!!! xoxo
<![CDATA[Isabella Rose Taylor - Something Extraordinary]]>Wed, 12 Nov 2014 03:09:27 GMThttp://aristocraticreign.weebly.com/fashion-blog/isabella-rose-taylor-something-extraordinaryA 13-year-old fashion entrepreneur and designer, who sells her collections at Nordstrom, a place of high-end, all whilst being an artist and a Fine Arts Associate Degree-seeking freshman student?? NO. But, then again, yes. 
And here is a little shoot I liked, to explain what people like moi and Anh Duong believe in. A.k.a: Fashion is art. Art is a fashion. Read more here --> The Interview: Introducing Anh Duong | Magazine | Net-A-Porter
A collection of clean, versatile, and original items, made to flatter our Young, Free, and Beautifully Intricate with Complications side. Things to wear if you join the cast of Pretty Little Liars.
What else can I say...these options can be sporty chic, in their own muted and modest ways. They can be part of a display at a very fashionable thrift shop, but only if a style-magazine-editor type of person were to run it. Gosh, this Isabella has really made life hard for me. Her designs are just too F R E S H and quietly calling for attention. I love it. 
This must-have Autumn 2014 staple from Spring 2015 is really, actually A Staple. The neutral-shaded neckline contrasts strikingly with the pop of black, but still giving off that calming aura.
Just a little note: who is also swooning over the word used? ADORBS!!!!
a Fall 2013 piece, and what kind of city girl does NOT just love absorbing the plain beauty of text on T-shirts?!?! But this one form of Being Taken Directly Out of The Dictionary, I really crave!
Very Vogue-worthy, indeed! From Spring 2014...
(Fall 2014) This girl really knows how to layer, and speaking of which:
Fall 2013. Look at her Shades of Grey....I've said before that basics like fresh white and bold, stated black can compliment smokes but I love her creme choice!
This very Californian Fall 2014 top is juuuuusssttt what I needed to surreptitiously throw all the gasps towards a good braid, a nice iridescently holographic pair of cutout shoes, to give it that night-time glam affair...
Spring 2015 -- Hue is everything here. This subtle jacket sort of shirt can definitely be incorporated into this fall's deep maroons and mustards somehow.
Well I warned y'all that this gal is no joke, but heres something to stand up for me. This could easily have some out of an FW14, but its really a Fall 2014 thing of Isabella's
I'm not sure if this funky top of Spring 2015 is inspired by The Fault or anything, but the mere symbolical relationship that has with that brings this clothing item close to my heart (a.k.a., in my blog, too!)
How Bohemian Chic (or chic in any of her fancy styles) can a girl possibly get?!?! Oh, and I almost forgot, it's Spring 2014
Okay, first of all, Isabella, YOUR HAIR, you will have to film a hair care tutorial/talk-thru video....Anyway, I inherited this unconditional love for mirror-imaged-tops from my Unconditional Bae, Evelina Barry. Also, the use of it here (Fall 2014), against this supple charcoal is perfect for right now, when we don't necessary want it turned into silver with glitter, but still not desiring the unadorned sheets of wool. Just exactly how I explained it in my recent post on Fall Accenting.
Just went against glitter, I know, but, This is more like a powdery, shimmer sort of thing, not like sequins, swarovski jewels, and 3D-ness. It would also complement boring gray, as she is doing with her shorts. Spring 2014, dolls.
My favorite trends so far this year have to be the sheer but still tinted pieces, the cutouts, these negative-space sort of stripes on a half sleeve resembling a jersey. But, this one Spring 2015 item isn't quite coming from the Sporty Chic route. Rather, it's coming off as a more elegant, architectural top (being kind of geometric).
Wow. Bore your eyes into his design until your brain is fixed onto its each and every stitch. Notice the asymmetry? And what about these buttons, which are so amazing, not even fashion-obsessive gals like I can describe them. And plus the collar looks like it could just be sold as a collar with no shirt attached. Like to accessorize with. Fall 2014.
From Fall 2014. Talk about art and fashion. Just keep doing what your do, Isabella Rose Taylor!
There you go. My favorites from these covet-worthy collections. Hope you enjoyed being bewildered and inspired. Bye <3